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Mike Gludish in a hot air balloon over the Nile River in Egypt 2016

Hello everyone.

I hope you are all staying healthy and safe during all of the Covid-19 craziness! Mike Gludish here with my new (and first!) blog called Doing More With Our Money.

This blog will help us do more with our money, by ensuring we don’t spend more than we must, and that we have a fully informed view of what may be influencing our purchase decisions.

We will do this by sharing tips and tricks of actionable things we can do to save money. We will also cover the psychology, strategy and tactics that brands, retailers and others use to convince us to buy, often spending more than we need to. Through this we will develop a mindset allowing us to consistently do more with our money.

Why am I starting this blog in the midst of the Covid-19 global crisis?

I’ve actually been thinking about this blog for quite some time, well before Covid-19. I thought about postponing publishing it until after the crisis, but frankly, I have more time on my hands right now. And I know many of you do as well. This, combined with the fact that many people have lost their jobs and/or a lot of their savings, I think this makes for perfect timing to talk about doing more with our money.

Why am I writing this Blog and what makes me qualified to do so?

I like to travel…a lot! In 2019, I went on four fun trips, including:

-South East Asia (29 days)

-Italy (14)

-Jamaica (7)

-Las Vegas (4)

People often ask me how I can afford to travel so much. Besides not having kids , which is certainly a major factor, I also have a sort-of-hobby that involves finding creative ways to do more with my money. I like looking for ways to save and spend less on what I do buy.

I then use that money to travel, and for many other experiences like dining out, concerts, etc.  I also just don’t buy many things these days – I’m kind of on the path towards minimalism. I’m not quite a card-carrying minimalist sitting in a single chair in an otherwise empty room, but I’ve certainly cut down dramatically on buying stuff. Even though my minimalist journey is not the focus of this blog’s musings, it may come up now and again.

The funny thing is, when I talk about my pseudo-hobby of aggressively finding ways to do more with my money, it’s important to note that I’m the guy that has spent most of his career trying to get more of your money. Not for me, but for my employers – as a specialty retail Store & Region Manager, a Buyer and Purchasing Director at the world’s largest retailer, Head of Sales for the Home Entertainment arm of a movie studio, and currently as a Management Consultant working with Brands & Retailers.

The bulk of my career has been focused towards maximizing revenues and profits for my employers. At the same time in my personal life I do everything I can to ensure I don’t give more money than necessary to those same (and all other) companies! Part of how I do it is through a very good understanding of the strategies and tactics that companies and individuals use to make us part with our money. From a brand’s marketing campaign, to the in-store/online placement, pricing and signage, the Sales Person’s tactics and probably most importantly, the physiological triggers that influence us all to make the purchase (yes, even me!). Also, I’m constantly on the hunt to find tips and tricks to just pay less.

By leveraging my knowledge in these areas, the purpose of this blog is to help others develop a mindset to do more with our money through:

-making sure that anything we buy is with a fully informed view of what may be influencing the purchase.

-ensuring we are not spending more than we need to when making a purchase.

How will we do this?

I will share my tips and tricks of actionable things we can do to save money. We will discuss specific things you can start doing right away, to save yourself money. What you do with the money saved is up to you: join me in travel, pay down debt, save it for a rainy day, or anything else. Some of these ideas will be big, some will be small, but adding it all up, we will see significant dollars. Likely 4 out of 5 blog posts will be along these lines.

We will also discuss the psychology, and the strategy and tactics that brands, retailers and other businesses and individuals use to convince you to buy their goods and services, and to maximize the amount you spend on them. For example, really do need the item? Do you just want it? If you just want it, do you really want it, or has a brand’s marketing efforts convinced you that you want it? This will likely be 1 in 5 blog entries.

Who is this blog for?

If you happen to have so much money you never worry about it, and you are certain you will be able to retire living the same lifestyle you do now, this blog is not for you. If you catch yourself spending more than you need or want to, or sometimes feel like you have been manipulated into spending, this blog is definitely for you.

I will strive to keep each entry relatively easy to understand, and limit it to only a few minutes of reading time.

As this is my first blog, please give me feedback on anything: the format of the blog itself, the content, your experiences and/or tips and tricks for saving money, what you like to spend your money on, my ridiculously long run-on sentences, or anything else you want to give feedback on.

Thanks very much!


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  1. This is fantastic! Very well written with Clear objectives and interesting topics brought to the attention of the reader. I look forward to reading more. Thank you for sharing this with me, Mike!

  2. Mike this is fab! Really looking forward to reading more and learning from you – congrats, and thanks for sharing with the rest of us!

  3. Looks good Mike!! Some very timely advice for all of us. Hope you are well, staying in shape, happy and healthy!! Miss seeing you on the mat at the dojo….

    1. Pat has recommended your blog to me, and I’m really enjoying it. Thanks Mike!

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